Retro Naut Portable System

  • Fully Mobile No Power Outlet Needed!

  • Play over 25 retro systems (Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and more!)

  • Access Kodi for more content than Hulu, Netflix, and Disney +, combined!

  • Over 15,000 Retro Games

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

Your Switch Just got a new roommate

We have taken everything from the last three years of improving upon our retro gaming device and made it mobile! With over 15,000 original retro games you might find yourself playing Fortnite less and less. With games like The Simpsons Arcade and LoZ: Ocarina of Time at your fingertips 24/7 you can turn your mindless instagram scroll into playable nostalgia. Adulting doesn't have to be so hard, just bring your childhood along with you when you do it!

The system consists of all our emulation improvements and tweaks to our Retropie deluxe system, but with the ability to travel. We take the 7" Raspberry Pi Touch Screen and the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and combine them with the Anker's top of the line portable charging technology to create something entirely new. A powerful mobile gaming solution that will actually fit your needs!

Premium Controllers

  • Playstation 4 Dualshock Wireless Controllers

  • Brand New and Paired to System

  • Buttons Mapped and Optimized to each Emulator

  • Easy Pair via Bluetooth

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

Sony Playstation

Playstation One(Top 50 Games) and Sony PSP(Top 50 Games) Classics

Nintendo Consoles

NES(Complete Library), Super Nintendo(Complete Library), Nintendo 64(Complete Library)

Nintendo Handheld

Game Boy(Complete Library), Game Boy Color(Complete Library), Game Boy Advance(Top 500), Nintendo DS(Top 500)


SG-1000(Full Library), Master System(Full Library), Genesis(Full Library), Saturn(Full Library), Dreamcast(Top 50 Games)


2600(Full Library), 5200(Full Library), 7800(Full Library), Lynx(Full Library), Jaguar(Full Library)


A huge library of arcade classics like the Simpsons Arcade game! 

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

You will receive

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+

  • Raspberry Pi 7" Touch Display

  • SmartPi Touch Screen Housing

  • 128GB USB Flash Drive Preloaded w/ Games

  • Anker Portable Power Source and USB Cable

  • Playstation 4 Wireless Dualshock Controller

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

"This thing wasn't even put together when I first reached out about it. Still I must have messaged the guy helping me over 50 times with different questions about it. He put it together and sent out everything. Even bought some stuff on Amazon that he didn't currently have in stock so I wouldn't have to wait. I got the last of my stuff a couple days ago and it all runs great. I haven't even had to recharge the portable battery pack yet."

Marcus Robinson

"If you are thinking about buying this system just get in touch with Aimee! She will answer any of your questions and walk you through the process. Kind of though this thing was overpriced but after going over everything they give you I am super happy I decided to save myself some time and just let someone else handle it for me. And an added bonus it was someone who communicated clearly to me exactly how the system and purchase would work."

Brian Charles

"First trip in the books! I brought the Switch of course but also your unit too. I swear I barely picked the Switch up! I was only playing the Super Nintendo games even though my original plan was to touch most of the systems. It's crazy having this many games always with you. Seriously thank you so much I'm really enjoying it!"

Matthew Boggert

"Sorry about being such a pain  in the @$$ I was just worried this all wasn't going to work out. Not a good excuse but you know how the internet is. Anyways I wanted to say thanks for putting up with all the requests and handling the SD card swap so easily. The kids love it!"

Emily Barnes

"It took awhile for me to finally buy. I think I messaged Aimee back a few months ago and she helped me out again when I was ready to purchase for a Christmas gift. It arrived in less than a week and as advertised was plug and play. That was the biggest thing I was worrying about. Some menus lag a bit but everything seems to be running great"

Juan Ruiz


If you aren't pleased with the performance or just plain aren't happy with the system you can return everything from 30 days of purchasing no questions asked. Just place it in the box it came in or some other box and we will pay for your return shipping and process your refund when it arrives back.

Retro Naut Portable Retro Gaming System


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Standard Retro Gaming System
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